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Our system of covering and documenting your moments is based on continuous follow-up, depending on rigorous search and identification techniques and then extensive reporting on the required content.


We prepare researches to contribute to the development of the ways and means of applying the content analysis curriculum in many research areas, whether related to the study of general research topics, or based on the storage of research contents.


The Media On Time Foundation is a leader in establishing and organizing exhibitions, conferences and events. It is an institution based on creativity and success. From design and printing services to installation, furniture and various appliances, we carry out exhibitions, conferences and private and public events.


One of our creative works that combine art and technology to deliver ideas using as few words as possible because graphics are visual-based art, it is produced either manually or by computer software.


Once the campaign requirements have been identified and a business study has been done, the target customer segment will be identified, and the right search words are identified for the ad to appear, and provides an accurate report on the number of monthly actual visits per word, which the expected campaign budget and the number of expected visits can be determined.


Your website gives your customers the first impression, about your business and your organization, so we ensure that we provide you with the best services in designing and developing sites, our qualified team of strategic media designers, developers, marketing personnel and specialists will provide you with their great expertise to ensure professional quality services.


We manage it for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and keep track of the best e-marketing staff, by studying and developing the best strategic plans for your account, creating creative and inspiring ideas for your followers, and we deliver engaging content worth following up with God’s will.


We offer many open-source systems and special solutions that we create to fit your business requirements to meet your needs.


The Media On Time Foundation depends on two key elements of..

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The Media On Time Foundation depends on two key elements of real-time monitoring.

Element 1: The observer himself and his personal skills as he is conducting a quick survey, the institution employed the experts in 24-hour monitoring, where what is important to the institution concerned is distinguished

Element 2: We have employed all the available possibilities for the observer from equipment, programs and sources, and our specialists monitor everything relevant to the subject matter in order to have a positive impact on the pace of appropriate decision-making and then prepare reports of what is being monitored and valuable summaries that can show the way for the responsible people. A comprehensive perception of what is happening around them and hence the great importance of our monitoring and analysis. In this way, we can convey the complete picture of the recipient, and our media monitoring depends on the speed of intuition, the intense focus and continuous follow-up, as well as reading different opinions on what is happening locally and internationally, analyzing the subjects and their competence in monitoring reports and delivering them to those who are interested, and with the great flow of information through all media tools.

The need for organizations to a real-time monitoring, well-trained experts in accordance with the information monitoring and content analysis mechanisms has become great recently, in order to know the requirements of the current stage and to look into the future based on the opinions of people in society. In order to understand public opinion trends, is important in policy-making and strategy-building to activate community-based partnership between institutions and society, our organization has focused on creating a monitoring analytical system for all that is taking place in society. An analytical team was employed to gather, classify, analyze and interpret information and to draw conclusions of interest to decision-making later, based on the role of the media in this aspect.

The team’s real-time monitoring work is to analyze and monitor the content of the information. This is one of the most prominent trends in integrated real-time monitoring, in-depth monitoring, monitoring and logical analysis. Real-time monitoring and content analysis done by Media On Time Foundation is an urgent necessity that helps to understand the requirements of the present and to shape future policies according to our nation’s vision of 2030, and is an indication of the progress of the media sector.

Crisis Management

The Media On Time Foundation is concerned with real-time monitoring..

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The Media On Time Foundation is concerned with real-time monitoring and we can monitor ongoing crises around institutions, diagnose the crisis situation on the media, and deal with it properly and in a positive way. The type and importance of the case are situations that require immediate actions within a period of no more than two hours, situations requiring urgent actions within 24 hours of the beginning of the situation, and the team is monitoring all cases

Managing crises through a team specialized in crisis management and making them positive, crisis management is a science that Media On Time team masters, that can manage balances, adapt to different variables, and experience gained in 24-hour real-time monitoring we can detect signs of a crisis. The Group is preparing for and preventing this means pre-preparations to deal with the anticipated crisis, with a view to preventing its occurrence or reducing its effects and containing damages by implementing a flexible plan to prevent the crisis from worsening and spread. The Media On Time team is also in time setting controls to prevent a recurrence of such a crisis, building lessons and experience to ensure a high level of preparedness in the future.


Because the Media on Time organization relies on the scientific..

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Because the Media on Time organization relies on the scientific approach in the media work, the descriptive approach to all aspects of media, staff, and organization information. This relies heavily on analysis and objectivity, and is linked to reality, which is most prevalent in social sciences and helps predict whether or not a matter is right. Our approach is based on gathering information about a person or anything to understand and explains many of the ambiguities and most important sections of this descriptive approach, which is used by the media organization’s experts at the time, namely, the media and intellectual surveys to achieve the vision of the homeland 2030 that take care of individuals within the community and adopt them We do it from surveys required for individuals or certain phenomena to systematically collect data about a particular phenomenon, determine its status and know its strengths and weaknesses: To see what changes are needed.

They have been organized and analyzed to produce a comprehensive overview, while the information team relies on the credibility, accuracy, and honesty of the surveys, as well as the skills to analyze and extract results and adapt all tools correctly and when conducting the surveys in an organized and credible manner that organizations can then make meaningful and appropriate plans because field surveys is considered one of the most important research tools to be applied in human, social and natural sciences, which has made the specialists in the research curricula emphasize their importance and it is rare for them to write a book in the research curricula without being exposed to it. It depends heavily on policy studies and economic research.

At the same time, the media team relies on surveying as an approach where we collect public data and statistics in all social media and draw data from a number of individual cases. We gather facts about the situation or the person to be researched and, by surveying, we reach specific facts, which in turn leads us to formulate a general perception through which we can write an integrated report of what was discovered by the problem survey that it discovered. So our team plans skillfully and then analyze and interprets all the information obtained and then provide it to those who are interested in it.


The Public opinion plays an influential role in media paths..

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The Public opinion plays an influential role in media paths within institutions, which increases the importance of the media role and its mechanisms.  its work has become necessary in light of the apparent imbalance in the circumstances that need reforming efforts. The new media can influence public opinion more than conventional media in terms of space, speed, and freedom. At the same time, the Media On Time Foundation has much experience in changing and making positive public opinion from its previous experiences with our partners in improving the mental image and making positive public opinion.

The media’s influence in terms of a public opinion industry begins with the publication of all enterprise programs in a positive, recipient-friendly way, thereby contributing to the correct delivery of news from its source, far from the harmful distortion that some hostile media adopt. The skills and knowledge the media team has at the Media On Time of using social media tools make it able to change the mind image and make a positive public opinion, and we will make a public opinion in support of programs and objectives for meaning, change negative trends through news and mass platforms, and report that.